New and updated content informs your market and reminds them that you are the ones for the job. It also is paramount in a search engine optimized world to be relevant in your industry by connecting via social networks and generating content constantly.

Website UpdatesWebsite Updates
Fresh and updated content, in addition to security maintenance, keeps a website secure, conversational, inviting, and persuasive. We know that it's difficult to run a business and also run a website. Let's make things a little less difficult. Seriously.

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Social Media AgentSocial Media Agent
Creating awareness online via social neworks, blogs, and email marketing is as high of a priority as electricity in your office. Saint Gorilla will collaborate with you to create industry and geographically relevant content for your website and social neworks. This includes two blog entries a month with one 'tweet' per business day. Your blog, newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Tumblr, etc will be filled with conversations.

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Video UpdateVideo Update
A video is released with the data and information known at the time. Data will change and messages will grow over time. A Video Update subscription will allow your videos to be up-to-date with the latest data. We'll re-render your video and upload them to all of your video streaming locations.

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Your design and content requirements may need a unique approach. Let's talk.

Also, if you apply for one or more subscription, we'll take 15% off your subscription fee.

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