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Should a package or product be more than you are looking for, we can create a unique project from our individual services.

Video ProposalsVideo Proposals
A pitch video that combines brand-oriented interviews or sound bites of the ‘proposer’, video information graphics to depict the facts and data that support the proposal, and an actionable offer. This is the most effective and persuasive mix of media to communicate an idea, product, or initiative to the right audience. This is a most welcome deviation for the proposal recipient from the tired, documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows they are accustomed to.


Impact VideosImpact Videos
An informational narrative (video infographic) that visually demonstrates a product, idea, or brand. It is reminiscent of a traditional TV commercial in composition, but visually offers a more complete understanding of supporting data/facts. It is educational yet entertaining, and is both informational and persuasive. An Impact Video is a visual elevator speech that audiences want to watch and makes you want to say, “Just watch this video. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.”


Mini DocsMini Docs
A Mini Doc is a short, mini, documentary often centered on philosophies and testimonials from employees, executives, clients, and fans. These interviews encourage a connection to those directly influenced by the brand or initiative. Stories unfold theatrically, providing insights to the ‘behind-the-scenes’. This puts a face to the numbers and adds humanity to the technology.


Viral NarrativesViral Narratives
Deviating from the data driven and documentary style content is the Viral Narrative. These videos are usually fictional and sometimes loosely reference the product, creating an entertaining story for audiences to immerse themselves in. It’s like a short film dedicated to your own product placement. Ultimately, it’s the humor and the heart that people want to watch, re-watch and pass along.


Launch EventsLaunch Events
Remarkable video content and well-crafted messages are developed to gain traction in hearts and minds of both target audiences and stake holders. A Launch Event connects clients, constituents, investors, and fans in an offline, social event around food, drink, and music. It’s a celebration to showcase a new brand, inspire awareness, and encourage participation. Face-to-face interactions still incite the best decisions, innovations, and connections. It might as well be your brand that facilitates those interactions.


Launch PadLaunch Pad
Saint Gorilla’s roots are in the Internet. As web technology has evolved into social networks and then into mobile applications, amazing content has remained the consistent driver of success. Saint Gorilla will create amazing content to help market your initiative or brand, and then develop any web technologies that are required to support and facilitate this amazing content. This could manifest into a website, social media plan, mobile application or an audio/visual installation.

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